Tree Service

Hire a Pro to Trim Your Trees

Schedule tree care services in Greensboro, GA

Unkempt trees can damage your property and make your home look shabby. Give your trees some love by contacting Shawn and Sons Landscaping to schedule tree care services. We'll remove dead and unwanted branches correctly, so your tree continues to grow properly. We'll also be happy to trim your shrubs and remove storm-damaged branches.

Contact us today to schedule tree care services in Greensboro, GA or the Lake Oconee area.

We'll remove your unwanted trees

We all hate to see a good tree go, but if you have one that needs to be removed, you should hire a team that will do it right. Arrange for tree removal services with our expert crew. We have the expertise needed to remove trees big and small. We can also remove trees that are:

  • Too close to a structure or powerlines
  • Old, diseased or infested with termites
  • In the way of a construction or renovation project

Get in touch with us today to arrange for tree removal services.